Crystals, Resins, and Plants are all beautiful Earth's gifts, and can be utilized in our environments in so many ways. Included in these images are many of our products, customer photos, and lifestyle shots.  When you make a purchase with us, message or dm us a lifestyle photo for our gallery, and we will give you a 10% off coupon code.  Thank you for visiting!                         

Raw Triangle Display + Chakra Crystals = Crystal Clearers Premium Crystal Healing Set

Meditation Lifestyle

Raw Crystals

Chakra Pendulum + Crystal Skull

Logo Bag + Chakra Pendulum + Selenite + Sage

=Custom Abundance Bowl


Crystal Energy Grid

Illuminated Citrine

Crystal Buddha

Copal + Raw Chakra Crystals

Green Aventurine + Brass Singing Bowl + Red Candle = Manifestation Power


Chakra Gemstone Set on Selenite Plate

Raw Unfinished Display Triangle in Living Space

Autochthonous Bust + Raw Chakra Crystals on Selenite Plates

Crowned Abundance Frog

Amethyst Palm Stones

Abalone Shell

Double-Terminated Crystal Points on Selenite

Jade Emperor + Crystals

Large Raw Chakra Crystals

Chakra Opulence Set

Pyrite Cubes



Crystals + Bookshelves + Khalil Gibran

Sage Smudging Bundle with Oudh Drenched Rose Petals + Copal + Feather + Pyrite + Kyanite + Palo Santo Stick + Selenite Stick | Clearing, Lifting, Charging, Purifying, Protecting

Mala Bracelets

Crystals + Aura Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

Sage + Palo + Roses | Energy Clearing + Lifting

Mermaid Succulent Abundance Bowl

Green Aventurine Dodecahedron

Sandalwood Cobra Incense Rope

Smoky Quartz Point

In the Garden | Crystal Bowl

Stardust + Dragon's Blood Case

Abundance + Prosperity Set

Crystal Smudge Set

Large Chakra Set

Crystal Clearers Set

Chakra Ritual Oils + Pyrite Cube

New Chakra Set

Large Raw Chakra Crystals on Selenite Plates

Raw Mineral Set

New Chakra Lifestyle

Chakra Ritual Oils

Just $ Ritual Oil

Citrine Orgone Generators

Abundance Buddha + Crystals

Legal imprint