Mystery Sage Sampler | 3, 6, or 9 Mystery Sage Bunches w/Oudh Drenched Rose Petals + Pyrite Cube in Jute Logo Bag, Brochure, Ebook


Above All, We Are Grateful!

These whimsical sage bunches are designed to help you clear the energy in your space and manifest that which you are seeking. They are wrapped with various types of dried flowers along with sandalwood, selenite, and kyanite. Each bundle is different. The flower petals have been dipped in Oudh to increase vibrational frequency. These bundles are great for cleansing and clearing your space, manifesting prosperity and abundance into your life, clearing your energy, balancing your chakras, meditation, Reiki, yoga, healing, and overall wellness/well-being.

Each bundle is made to order so it may appear slightly different than the photo. Because the flowers are dried in oil, when you receive a bunch that is wrapped in flower petals, it will appear more dry than pictured in the accompanying images.

Brochure, Jute (Lagniappe) Bag, Pyrite Cube

DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK INCLUDED: Comprehensive Crystal Dictionary designed for specific use with Abundance Metaphysical Healing Crystal Sets. Includes a description of the most popular AM sets along with detailed information for using your crystal sets to improve personal wellness AND manifest abundance, peace, prosperity, and serendipity.

Most items in this package are biodegradable and/or recyclable, including our logo tape! Please regift, reuse, or recycle!

Each crystal (if included in your sage bundle) has been cleared and charged for effective usage. Along with a detailed brochure, this set is also accompanied by our Crystal Frequency Quick Guide Ebook that includes over 99 pages of helpful information about the items in our sets.

We are here anytime and will typically answer your within 24 hours. Please message us for assistance at any time or email us at abundancemetaphysical [!at]


Statements regarding crystal healing have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Thank you for visiting our store! Each crystal (if included in your sage bundle) has been cleared and charged for effective usage. Our hope is that as a new crystal curator, you too will have many meaningful interactions with your new crystals. May your sage bundle bring peace and clarity to your space.

From the Heart of Mother Earth, to YOUR Prosperity!

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Beautiful smudge bundles. I requested pine instead of sage, and they smell heavenly with the added oudh scent that I also requested. Don't hesitate to make a special request.

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