Pine + Sage Smudge Set | Sage Wrapped w/Oudh Drenched Rose Petals, Copal, Palo Santo, Sandalwood, Feather, Selenite, Kyanite, Pyrite


Above all, we are grateful!

HAND-SELECTED GEM: The pyrite included in this set has been hand-selected and carefully chosen to accompany the other items in this set. Pyrite is a great gemstone for grounding energy and manifesting. It boosts the energy of sage and other energy clearers. In this set, you will receive one beautiful pyrite cube.

SMUDGES: We have included two oudh drench rose petal-wrapped pine and sage smudge bunch, a Palo Santo stick, sandalwood stick, selenite stick, and kyanite. Use this set to form a protective field of energy around you, and to clear and cleanse the energy to open the road to your personal manifestation goals. This set is great as a bereavement gift, for meditation, home decor, yoga, reiki, and other metaphysical and spiritual practices.

CLEANSED, CLEARED, AND CHARGED: Each crystal in this eco gift set is cleansed, cleared, and charged using various techniques to ensure maximum effects. Since crystals absorb energy, we clear them for you in advance, but we encourage you to do the same so that your gemstones can acclimate to your frequency. To further assist your cleansing, clearing, and charging efforts, you also receive a 99+ page ebook with your purchase.

OTHER ITEMS: Jute Logo Lagniappe bag, Brochure, Ebook

DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK INCLUDED: Comprehensive Crystal Dictionary designed for specific use with Abundance Metaphysical Healing Crystal Sets. Includes a description of the most popular AM sets and detailed information for using your crystal sets to improve personal wellness AND manifest abundance, peace, prosperity, and serendipity.

Thank you for visiting our store! As a new crystal curator, we hope you will also have many meaningful interactions with your new crystals. May your smudge bring serenity and clarity to your space.

From the heart of Mother Earth to YOUR Prosperity!

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