Chakra Abundance + Success + Prosperity Bowl | Over 1.5 lb of Crystals for Overall Balance, Success, Happiness, Well-being


Above all, we are grateful...

MANIFEST PROSPERITY, ABUNDANCE, and SUCCESS with this Raw and Polished Crystal Healing Set, that consists of over 18 gemstones set atop lovely, calming sea glass. At Abundance Metaphysical, we have found that using sea glass improves energy flow; we use sea glass to visualize the oceans’ currents. Currents = Currency!

At over over 1.5 lb of polished and raw crystals and useful in your meditation practice, this set is wonderful for manifesting prosperity and abundance into your life, clearing your energy, balancing your chakras, Reiki, yoga, healing, and overall wellness/well-being.

CHAKRA SET - Gemstones for balancing each chakra are included with this bowl. See the included gems below:

Selenite | Clearer, Charger
Kyanite | Self-Charger, Clearer, Charger
Black Tourmaline | Dispels Negative Energy, EMF Protection
Red Jasper | Grounding, Intuition
Carnelian | Self-Worth, Self-Love
Green Sea Glass | Money Flow
Blue Sea Glass | Currency Flow, Gentle Energy
Clear Sea Glass | Clarity, Clearer
Recycled Glass (all colors) | Transformative Energy
Amethyst Druzy | Tapping into Higher Self
Clear Quartz | Ascension Energy
Pyrite | For Wealth, Resets and Balances Wealth
Amazonite | For Balance 
Feldspar | For Creativity, Chakra Alignment
Green Aventurine | For Good Luck 
Fuschite | For Good Luck, Invigorates Hope
Honey Calcite | For Good Luck, Self-Worth, Confidence Booster
Orange Calcite | For Energy Boosting Potential, Auspicious for Business Owners

Acrylic Bowl, Brochure

In some images, crystals are displayed wet or oiled. Showing the pictures in this manner allows viewers to see the true beauty and colorfulness of the crystals in this set. Some of our crystals may be treated with Oudh to also enhance their beauty, energetically raise their manifestation potential, and most importantly, provide you with a pleasant and aromatic unboxing experience. Once you unpack them, you may clear your crystals by using the aforementioned techniques or those suggested in your ebook.

DOWNLOADABLE 99 + PAGES - EBOOK INCLUDED: Comprehensive Crystal Dictionary designed for specific use with Abundance Metaphysical Healing Crystal Sets. Includes a description of the most popular AM sets along with detailed information for using your crystal sets to improve personal wellness AND manifest abundance, peace, prosperity, and serendipity.

Most items in this set are biodegradable and/or recyclable, including our logo tape! Please regift, reuse, or recycle!

WE USE VARIOUS GEM SIZES FOR STUDY AND EXPLORATION: This is not a cookie-cutter gemstone set simply intended for decorative purposes. We source high quality polished and raw gems. As such, our stock will vary. We do not adhere to sizing guidelines with our gems, and although they typically range between .75 - 2.25 inches, we will occasionally include larger and even super-sized gems in our sets if we have them in stock. These sets are designed especially for crystal users and lovers who would like to explore crystal energy; using gems in a variety of sizes assists users on their crystal journeys.

We are here anytime and will typically answer your message within 24 hours. Please message us anytime via Etsy, and contact us after your purchase, either via Etsy or at abundancemetaphysical [!at] to receive a copy of your Ebook.

Thank you for visiting our store! Each crystal in this bowl has been energetically cleared to enhance its effectiveness. Our hope is that as a new crystal curator, you too will have many meaningful interactions with your new crystal!

Statements regarding crystal healing have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

From the Heart of Mother Earth to YOUR Prosperity!

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These crystals are beautiful, of various sizes, and there were so many goodies in this bowl. I absolutely love the addition of the sea glass that was included in my package.

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