CHAKRA CRYSTAL SET | Chakra Opulence Premium Crystal Healing Set | Includes Jute Bag, Brochure, Ebook, Digital Product Poster


Now in Limited-Edition 6X6 inch box!

COMPLETE CHAKRA SET: This gemstone set includes carefully chosen, hand-selected crystals at an affordable price. Presented to you with gratitude and at a great-value, this economical gift set provides a great introduction to chakra balancing and healing with gemstones. It includes a logo-charged jute bag to hold your smaller gemstones, an informational brochure, and a 99+ page E-book Quick Guide in a Wooden Box.

HAND SELECTED GEMS: This set includes hand-selected and hand-packed gems in a logo imprinted gift box for quality assurance. In order to give you a full range of the power of crystal healing, we include both smaller and larger sized crystals ranging from 1 to over 2 inches. Each crystal in this set has been selected for its unique characteristics. We are sure you will be proud to keep this set for yourself or to gift one to a loved-one or friend.

MEDIUM TO LARGE GEMSTONES’ BEST VALUE: Sized for maximum potency and efficiency! As gemstones naturally occur in a variety of sizes, we have combined them to create a set that is both beautiful and effective, and includes gems that vary in size from 1 to over 2 inches! Containing both raw and polished gemstones, this set is great as a bereavement gift, for meditation, home decor, yoga, reiki and other metaphysical and spiritual practices.

CLEANSED, CLEARED, AND CHARGED: Each crystal in this eco gift set is cleansed, cleared, and charged using a variety of techniques to ensure maximum effects. Since crystals absorb energy, we clear them for you in advance, but we encourage you to do the same so that your gemstones can acclimate to your frequency. To further assist your cleansing, clearing, and charging efforts, with your purchase, you also receive a 99+ page ebook.

DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK INCLUDED: Comprehensive Crystal Dictionary designed for specific use with Abundance Metaphysical Healing Crystal Sets. Includes a description of the most popular AM sets along with detailed information for using your crystal sets to improve personal wellness AND manifest abundance, peace, prosperity, and serendipity.

FREE DIGITAL PRODUCT POSTER INCLUDED: Receive a free digital product poster with your order that identifies the items in this set by emailing us at the email address listed in your brochure or messaging us directly through Etsy.

Most items in this package are biodegradable and/or recyclable, including our logo tape! Please regift, reuse, or recycle!

This is not a cookie-cutter gemstone set simply intended for decorative purposes. We source high quality polished and raw gems. As such, our stock will vary. We do not adhere to sizing guidelines with our gems, and although they typically range between .75 - 2.25 inches, we will occasionally include larger and even super-sized gems in our sets if we have them in stock. These sets are designed especially for crystal users and lovers who would like to explore crystal energy; using gems in a variety of sizes assists users on their crystal journeys.

We are here anytime and will typically answer your within 24 hours. Please message us for assistance at any time or email us at abundancemetaphysical [!at]


Statements regarding crystal healing have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

Thank you for visiting our store! Each selected crystal has been energetically cleared to enhance its effectiveness. Our hope is that as a new crystal curator, you too will have many meaningful interactions with your new crystal!

From the Heart of Mother Earth, to YOUR Prosperity!

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I absolutely LOVE my Chakra Opulence Crystal Set! While the crystals are beautiful, and I love using them, what is really stellar is the wonderful customer service Beaux gives. Excellent communication! Friendly! And he goes above and beyond to make certain you are absolutely pleased with your purchase. I will definitely order from AbundanceMetaphysics again! Thank you, Beaux!

This is a gift for a co-worker and I can’t wait to give it to her! Everything is high quality from the crystal types and sizes to the quantity of crystals to the quality of the box! She’s going to love it

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